How Boity gained respect from the Hip-Hop community

by Mve

Before Boitumelo Thulo (Boity) became the hip-hop spitting goddess we know her as today, people only thought she was just an actress, model, presenter, and businesswoman. She was already doing such an amazing job and not mentioned the success that came with it. But no matter how successful you are in other fields, gaining respect from the Hip-Hop industry looked like it came easy for the beauty.

Was it though?

In fact, when you are already famous and decide to pursue your dream of being a rapper it is way harder to gain respect from the Hip-Hop community and that’s because you are first seen as an opportunist or a culture vulture.  But Boity gained so much respect in such a short period of time.  She definitely made what is not just hard but close to being impossible look easy.

Even though Boity hasn’t dropped a full project yet she has already made history in SA Hip Hop.  She is the first SA female rapper to ever get the platinum plaque and she achieved such a huge milestone with her first single “WuzDat”.

A few might disagree but the truth is that sales matter in Hip Hop.  More sales mean more money and more money means more respect.  Do you think Jay Z would get the same amount of respect he gets if he was not financially successful? Obviously not, right?  So numbers have always and will always count the most.

And besides being the first female rapper to go platinum, Boity also delivers on every song or verse she puts out. People have no choice but to respect you when you deliver every time.


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