Have your will drafted for free? #NationalWillsWeek

by Lindiwe Mlandu

Most of us do not like talking about death. The thought of our mortality scares us. So we hardly speak about it. Our only preparation for death is joining a burial society. We want a decent funeral but hardly think about what happens after that.

Generally, I’m a very organised person. But it’s only last year that I finally did the right thing and went to an attorney’s firm to have my will drafted.

I took advantage of the National Wills Week which sees attorney firms opening their doors throughout the country to draft people’s wills for free. It feels great to know that should anything happen to me, my wishes will be complied with.

The 2019 National Wills Week starts on Monday 16 September to Friday 20 September.

Having a will eliminates possible fighting between family members over your possessions once you are gone. Television shows like Moja Love’s Kukithi La are what happens when the deceased did not leave a will.

Firstly, you need to make a list of your possessions, we all own something – it doesn’t matter how small. You then decide who you’d like to inherit what.

Once you are done, take that list to an attorney’s office. You’ll need to make a booking beforehand.

The contact details and addresses of all attorneys taking part can be found on the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) website at www.lssa.org.za

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