Grow your business by trading skills

Pretoria, South Africa – Make a difference and have fun while doing it – No Budget, that’s okay! The Skills Trade Networking event is here to help you grow your business!

On the 25th April 2020, Pretoria will host its first Trade Networking Event for Young Entrepreneurs. Focusing on small businesses or startups in any phase to connect and Collab.

Many entrepreneurs reduce costs and grow their business by swapping skills, whether their expertise lies in trimming trees or improving search engine rankings.

Perhaps you have a business idea but don’t know how to start or how to promote your business. You might meet another business building websites or advertising experts.

Skills Trade Networking Event aims to make more small businesses to realise the benefits of skills swapping.

There’s still a lack of awareness about skills swapping, but that’s going to change. Some people might not feel comfortable about it, while others don’t consider there’s any other option other than paying with money, but swapping skills offers many benefits.

Alternatively, businesses can agree to teach each other skills “They might also be able to barter to exchange products; there are many options.”

Make the most of networking opportunities.

I got talking to a photographer that needed a website who was starting up and I needed a photographer to attend an event with me. No money changed hands and we were both delighted. I was also able to show others the work I’d just completed; I got great work referrals. Said Lauren Omopariola Founder of Digispacehub.

Join us for a collaborative skills exchange session for entrepreneurs. There won’t be a presentation or agenda. Just space for like-minded people to connect and create.

Together we can achieve more. Together we can achieve greatness!

Email to learn more about sponsorship, marketing opportunities or registering to attend.


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