#LISTEN Gigi Lamayne drops Job Woods

by Thandeka Mthethwa

25-year-old Rapper, Gigi Lamayne has officially dropped her much-anticipated EP today, 26 July 2019. The EP features a number of artists including Zakwe, Kwesta, and Youngsta CPT. Gigi’s birthday was on the 7th and this I believe still constitutes a birthday present. A great one at that.

Taking home 6 awards in the past three years, Gigi Lamayne, has religiously kept the Hip-Hop game interesting with her numerous free music downloads, surprise online music releases, chart-topping singles, visuals to accompany her music, and recently the first African one-woman-show. The quadruple talent has made a magnificent impact on the growth and development of the female MC scene in the African Continent.

The inspiration behind the EP’s name “Job Woods” is said to be the book of Job in the bible and Tiger Woods, the golfer. It is essentially about picking up the pieces after losing everything, like Tiger Woods who bounced back from Golf like he never left. Gigi compares herself to Tiger Woods in one of her intros on the EP and seeing how much Tiger Woods was ridiculed by the world during his hiatus and how much a lot of people lost faith in him and wondered how he was ever going to bounce back and be victorious. She herself went from record label to record label and she almost crashed. This project for her is rising up and proving not just to herself that this is possible, but to the people, fan or not, that all will work out.

My heart is beautiful, my purpose for the world is beautiful. How do I decide to go against what everyone has thought about me right now, being this casualty that Slikour talks about, Turning my life into something that is real?

Gigi says the above in the introduction for the album titled “Job Woods (Skit)”. Since Gigi is now an independent artist, Job Woods is released under her own label. Gigi aims to inspire everyone that has gone through a journey that is similar to hers.

If i am to encourage and inspire the young female who sits on the streets hoping that something is gonna change in her life, i have to do the unthinkable and that is to go independent with the help of certain people in the industry, certain stakeholders. I have to go independent to fight for this dream and Job Woods was born. The Book of Job, Tiger Woods, and this is the bounce back

Listen below and tell us what you think, africori.to/JobWoods

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