Does naming a song after a famous person help the song go viral?

by Mve

Naming a song after a famous person is nothing new, especially with rappers. Not just local rappers but rappers all over the globe. Pearl Thusi (song) by Emtee which was one of the rapper’s first singles off his debut album, Avery and John Cena (song) by Sho Madjozi which is currently making waves are the 2 songs named after famous people that stand out locally.

Without a shadow of doubt, titling a song after a famous person does help push the song like putting a famous person’s name on anything draws more attention.  And when the famous person actually likes the song named after him or her that pushes the song even more.

We can’t argue that Pearl Thusi being on Pearl Thusi (song) video by Emtee did give the song a push like we can’t argue that John Cena wouldn’t have posted about Madjozi’s song and also danced to it (which introduced the song to a much bigger audience) if it was not named after him.

But still, the song can’t go viral when it’s not a hit.  A miss is a miss even if you name it after a well-known baller.  So artists deserve credit for the success of the songs titled after famous people, not just the famous people the songs are named after.


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