Can December flings turn into something more?

by Thando Mgobhozi

Why are December flings even a thing?

Flings can occur at any time of the year but why is it that the ones that occur in December have a very big question mark on them? Or is it because December is just that month where people let loose and don’t want to make the people around them and themselves too seriously?

A fling is a fling whether it happens in February, the month of love or December, the month that shakes relationships (as it is often referred to). It really just depends on the person you’re having a fling with, how and where you met, who they are, what they want and most importantly if they are not just looking for a fling but want something more.

December is a weird month in general and it’s undeniable that a lot of people around this time just want to have fun. You never know what persons true intentions are wherever you come across them and so it is essential to know what you’re getting yourself into. You meet a person one minute and they seem to float your boat.

You both take a liking to each other and all of sudden love is in the air, or let me say lust and infatuation are in the air. Everything seems to be going well and you are enjoying each other’s company, can’t seem to keep your hands and eyes off each other. Every time your eyes meet you just want them to stay there because you can’t help the way you feel inside.

News flash, that does not mean he or she will be the love of your life over just a few feelings of lust that don’t really mean anything unless you really believe in love at first sight. The only way to know if there is indeed something more to your fling is to actually sit down and have a genuine discussion about how you feel to see if anything is worth pursuing.

The truth, as I’ve mentioned before is that flings can happen any time of the year and not even mean anything or become more than a fling. The other truth is that anything is possible and December flings can become something more. You could be out just to have fun and fall in love when you least expect it. Even if that’s the case, make sure you aren’t falling alone and being taken for a ride because the person you’re falling for wants nothing more than a fling.

Flings are not an uncommon thing in this day and age and some people prefer those to have an actual relationship. It could be a once-off thing that was a mutual decision between two people that don’t want anything more or a casual situation. Just as long as these feelings are communicated clearly then there shouldn’t be a problem.

The other thing is that you can’t choose who you fall in love with and when sometimes. You could be one of those people who don’t want anything serious and then meet someone who changes all of that. Matters of the heart are complicated.

There’s really no telling what can happen and how it happens. There are some things you can control as well as others that you can’t control. It is all dependent on two people. Don’t deny yourself the chance to create something meaningful out of your December fling if you feel there is enough potential for it to grow and what do you have to lose even if it’s in December?

Just make sure that you are both on the same page before you make a fool out of yourself. Oh and don’t confuse feelings of lust to love and find out beforehand if you actually have a genuine connection with this person before you move things to the next level only find that you aren’t really connected and aren’t compatible for that matter.


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