Aisia Casanova to get up-close and personal on her Facebook live

With the national lock-down extended, there sure is a demand for entertainment. Join Aisia Casanova on her Facebook live on the 2nd Of May. She’ll be getting up-close and personal with her newly gained followership coupled with a live performance set, bringing the party to your lounge!

I’ve been putting in work rehearsing for this live to ensure that it turns out alright. I’m hoping to add a personal touch to everything. Just telling my story through music and giving background on how the music came about. Plus you just might catch some unreleased exclusives as well!

It’s a date! RSVP here to get notified when the live starts.

Keep in touch with Aisia Casanova

Facebook: @AisiaCasanova
Twitter: @AisiaCasanova
Instagram: @AisiaCasanova

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