A pageant empowering women

by Thandeka Mthethwa

24 Year old Nomfundo Kubheka is an ambitious young lady that stopped wishing and started doing. She is originally from Newcastle, Osizweni. I’m a graduate of Majuba TVET College. She is currently studying towards her second qualification at Central Johannesburg College, doing Human Resources Management.

She is a finalist for Miss Unity South Africa 2019 and she says she entered the pageant because she is a woman that exudes positivity in any space she is in. She cares about the important issues affecting society and the whole country as a whole. She says she always wants to be a part of a solution. drives support and willing to be part of the solution.

I am a tough, powerful spirited woman who can help and inspire others to realize their full potential by believing in themselves and following their dreams.

She is passionate about helping those that re in need, especially people that she can reach out to. Entering Miss Unity 2019 meant she could be a part of a journey that was not just about herself but about everyone that can relate to her.

I want to live a life that I can be proud of. I believe in myself and giving back to the community – using my skills and knowledge is priceless. I have so much love for the people that arent necessarily seen in the community.

Nomfundo says her names (Nomfundo Nompumelelo) are prophetic and they, therefore, represent what she wants to have success. That is the ultimate goal. Like everyone in this country, she says that she always envisions a South Africa where a boy child and a girl child are taken to school and are successful, enabling them to change the life that is known within their families for the better.
Pageantry is the only foundation that enables me to have my own foundation where I am helping the less fortunate to go to school, obtain an education and have a better life.
Nomfundo found out about the Miss Unity South Africa 2019 pageant through their Facebook page. She says that the pageant empowers young women and helps them grow through social cohesion. “It also encourages to end the girl-hate as since most women don’t like each other in this very century”.
Detailing the process leading up to this moment, she says she went to Midrand for the auditions at the Mall of Africa.
From there we were told that whoever made it through to the Top 60 will receive an SMS confirming that. Well with the grace of GOD I did receive that SMS. From there, to make it to Top 35 which was the Semi-Finals, we had to campaign for votes from the 25th of May to the 25th of June. They issued out the results in each and every weekend on Saturday morning. On the first week of the results, I was only number 41 with 17 votes. I was so heartbroken in a way for a second I thought of giving up but then I remembered that’s not who I am, that’s not who I am made of, that’s not the reason why I entered this competition. I remembered that I am a fighter, there are moments of weakness but I know that I can make it. I kept on trying because I knew that I cannot give up on myself.

She says that she urged family and friends to vote for her. She then made it to the Top 35. “From being number 41 to number 17 with 667 votes on the very last week of voting. From then I was an officially Miss Unity South Africa 2019 Semi-Finalist.

For finals, Nomfundo says they went to The Aviator Hotel OR Tambo International Airport on the 27th of July to model on stage with the panel of judges judging. This is where the top 25 was selected.
Of course, this road has not been without its hurdles. Nomfundo participated in Miss Eagle South Africa 2018 but she did not make it.
it did brake my heart and drained me so much but I told myself to never give in! Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough and optimism is the FAITH that leads to achievement. I need to Pray and Do.
She is encouraging fellow women this women’s month to always stay true to themselves and to always define and write and rewrite their life stories.
Never let your current situation or your background determine your future. Only you can change your life. Pray and do. God helps those who help themselves”. NEVER give up on your dreams and goals.

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