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April 2018 - Issue 3

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The official 3rd Ayana Magazine Issue

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Date: April/May 2018

Publishing Manager: Ayana Innovative

Editor-in-Chief: Hloniphile Mkhanyawo

Time flies, doesn’t it? In February we issued our 2nd Edition, which was all about self-love, this month we’re bringing an issue on Body Shaming and Body Positivity. Body shaming has unfortunately become a norm in our society – both big and small women go through it. In this issue, we bluntly highlight the importance of not overlooking the struggles women of different body sizes go through, but rather showcase the effect it has on us together with the damage it continuously brings to our nation.
It has been a great delight to work on this issue as it focuses more on something I personally experienced and still go through to date. The articles in this edition were written by the different talented writers we have on our database and they ensured to maintain our standard of delivering relevant, concise and consistent content.
With over 100 000 hits our digital magazine has developed during the past 6 months since issuing it, we are more than motivated to keep delivering the best content. Thank you everyone, internally and externally, for your contribution towards making this edition a success.
Have a good read. We’d also love to hear from you.

We are all so perfectly made, why is there a standard of beauty? Every woman is beautiful in the different body shape and size she has, why does difference intimidate us so much?

Twitter: @noeleen_n


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