Swimming instructor launches a go-to hair care brand for the whole family

A few years ago, the South African haircare space was shaken by emerging and well-cooked natural haircare brands. What was uniquely exciting about these brands, was that many of these brands were born out of frustrations black women with natural hair experienced.

The market at the time lacked amazing haircare products suitable for the black woman’s natural hair. One can ask, why is a country full of beautiful black women with natural hair lacked great products to take care of their hair? Well, historically, most black women stuck to straightening their hair highly encouraged by hair trends of the time.

Kelly Thela who is a Real Estate Agent and swimming instructor by profession was one of these women. She too stuck with the norm, straightening her hair for the longest time.

“I decided to relax my hair with the hope that it would grow faster. I became the centre of attention as I had the thickest relaxed hair. Being a lover of fine hair, I taught myself how to maintain my relaxed hair – Kelly Thela.

What Kelly Thela and many other black women didn’t know was that these products they were using had the potential of damaging their hair.

Nothing is as frustrating as using a product that will do nothing but damage your hair – Kelly Thela.

With experiences comes wisdom. Kelly soon grew frustrated when some of the natural hair products she used did not meet lacked ingredients good for hair. She decided to launch her own, K Hair SA, catering for the entire family. The brand has taught her so much about caring for natural hair. The brand is available online.

Kelly Thela’s natural haircare journey has taken her to places she never thought were possible. Today, she spent most of her time during the day answering haircare related questions and advising others on different ways to take care of natural hair. She believes in that women empowerment is not an event but a lifestyle.

She is also an author, public speaker and founder of Young Wives SA.  A platform she created with the help of her friends to encourage, nourish, pamper young wives and all women which has earned her recognition as True Love Magazine’s top 40 inspiring women 2018.

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