What does it mean to love someone with intent?

What does it mean to love someone with intent? It is consciously choosing them and not simply basing your intentions and actions on feelings.

3 years ago at a youth convention, our youth pastor asked us thought-provoking questions: the person that you’re currently with, what happens in the event that the love tank runs dry? Will you go look elsewhere for the spark? Or will you choose to stay?

It’s important to set objectives, aims and purpose when you’re getting into a relationship. While doing that, don’t forget to love without limits. Love with ferocity, purpose and don’t love half-heartedly.

Love has been watered down with disrespect and failure to be authentic. Love should be filled with kindness, faith, trust, purity and innocence. These feelings and choices come in handy to move mountains of challenges in our daily challenge in the relationship.

These are the 5 things you can do to help you love with intention:
❖ Speak your intention in the affirmative
❖ Create an intention for love that is future-focused
❖ Make your intention for love potent and powerful
❖ Share your intention for love with friends who can hold you accountable
❖ Let your intention be your North Star (guiding star)

Intentional Love figures out what will please your partner in each situation and then does that very thing.
Intentional Love says:
❖ I’m not only going to think of my own interests but the interest of the other person.
❖ I will be patient.
❖ I choose to be kind and long-suffering.
❖ I will practice all of the fruit of the spirit.
❖ I’m determined to do the things that the scripture teaches me to do.
❖ I will change my head, my heart and my hands.

The success of every relationship is to practice intentional love.

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