Throw It All Away!

By Leina Ussin

We’re all familiar with the term “Spring Cleaning” We may not necessarily wait till spring to do it, but it’s a time in our lives where we decide to go through everything in our house and trash or donate, the things we no longer need!

We go through our closets, junk drawers, and shoeboxes trying to decide what’s worth holding on to, and what we need to let go of.

As important as this is for us to do to prevent clutter in our living spaces, it’s equally important for us to do this within our lives. Our personal lives.

It tends to go unnoticed sometimes, but we as people have a habit of carrying pointless baggage in our lives. Baggage and stress that clutters our minds, and our emotions, and prevents us from being truly happy. Now, I’m not speaking about the normal adult stresses of finances and bills, I’m speaking strictly on the ones we don’t have to carry, but choose to.

The ones involving friends and family issues, co-worker related problems, or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend related issues. Issues and stress that we can’t change, but still allow it to affect us anyway.

Well, I’m here to tell you to do some spring cleaning in your life! Clean out and clear out all that baggage you’re carrying that’s not your own.

If your friend is having drama in his/her life, it’s not your responsibility to carry that stress with you! Give advice, yes, be a shoulder if it’s needed, yes, but you’re not required to be stressed with them as well. It doesn’t make you a bad friend for not wanting to be attached to negativity. This applies to family as well! I know we have this misconception that family is family, and we must accept the good with the bad.

We need to leave this myth behind! No one, family nor friends, is worth your peace of mind. If your family is causing avoidable stress and drama in your life, avoid it! Staying away and keeping positivity around you doesn’t make you the black sheep, it’s putting you first. And never let anyone make you feel bad about that.

And don’t even get me started on relationships!

Significant others are meant to benefit us in life mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our spouses are meant to uplift us, balance us out, make our lives better. If you’re in a relationship that’s draining you, then you need to let it go!

Throw it away!

Life is too short for us to be holding on to “garbage” that we don’t need. Treat your mental state like you do an overcrowded jewellery box; keep the items that are most precious to you, and get rid of what you don’t wear anymore. Just because you’ve had a pair of earrings for years, doesn’t mean they bring any value you to anymore. Not everything is worth holding on to.

Now, I am not saying to treat people like trash, nor referring to them as pieces of garbage. I’m indicating that any negative people bring into your life is trash and needs to be disposed of properly.

And just like spring cleaning can be done multiple times a year, cleaning the emotional garbage from your life can be done just as often. The moment you realize someone else’s issues/drama is disrupting you, clean it up!

You wouldn’t let garbage rot away in your kitchen, don’t allow negativity to rot away inside of you!

Throw it all away!

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