The Power of the Panty!

by Leina Ussin

Let me be the first to admit that I am a full coverage kind of girl! On any given day, Haynes definitely has their hands on me, and I am ok with that! I work with four year olds, so being comfortable is extremely important to me throughout my work week. Come to think of it, being comfortable is a priority to me period, which is why for many years, lingerie really wasn’t my thing!

I, like most women, thought it was pretty pointless to invest in since for the most part it would be covered up; and if you were wearing it for that special someone, it would only be on for a short amount of time anyway!

So, I avoided it as long as I could. But, like everything in life, change is inevitable. And soon, my underwear drawer was changing too. Now, it took me a minute, but I soon understood the power that lingerie really obtained.

As complicated as women are believed to be, it’s really the little things in life that can boost us up. Getting our eyebrows, nails, or hair done; a new dress with a sexy pair of heels; and believe it or not, a sexy pair of lingerie. There’s just something about lace underwear that makes you feel seductive, alluring, and confident.

You may not be the size you want, or have the shape you desire, but it’s something about lingerie that helps you embrace every curve, love handle, or dimple your body may possess.

The material against your skin and the way it accentuates what you do love about yourself is enough to have you walking, talking, and carrying yourself differently. You may find yourself more confident, more charismatic, and more comfortable within your own skin.

There’s just something about lingerie that makes you feel like a woman; a strong, stimulating women, and the world is yours for the taking!

The word, “no,” means try harder; and when you hear, “yes,” you knew there was never a doubt you’d be told otherwise!

It’s truly remarkable the power a sheer piece of material can bring into a woman’s life, and there may be some women right now thinking I’m being a tad bit dramatic!

But this is for my ladies who slip on their matching bra and panty set, not for their spouse/partner, but for themselves! This is for my ladies who step out their house with a little more excitement and sensuality cause they love the “secret” they’re keeping.

Now, this is in no way downplaying the women who wear sexy things for their partners! Nah, ladies, y’all keep it up! If you’re still getting sexy after all this time, that’s amazing! Nor is this meant to have us cotton-loving ladies rethink our undergarments! Not at all!

All I’m saying is embrace who you are, what you look like, and what you have! If you don’t like something, you can always change it! But until then, it never hurt to dress it up with something a little risqué! Never underestimate the power of the panty!


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