The importance of the right undergarments to accentuate your curves

by Boitumelo Makobosheane

Your under garments are a foundation upon which your entire style and appearance is based on. Get quality undergarments. A great fitting undergarment polishes the outlying of the curves. My number one style tip is to always wear good underwear. The shape of your body can change for better or worse depending on the undergarment you chose.

The right bra 

Bra sizing is important because the wrong size will not look good under your clothes, small cups will compress the breasts and force them to bulge and there will be spillage seen at the cleavage area, under arms and across the back while big cups will wrinkle and pucker. Bra sizing is broken into two components, that is the band size and the cup size. The band size is what runs across under your breast on the ribcage and the cup is the part that holds the breasts. The thicker the strap the more support it provides so pay special attention to the hooks, wires and straps.

The correct color is important. Avoid white undergarments; these will be visible especially when wearing a white top especially the lining of the bra. Always look at your skin tone and get undergarments that compliment your skin.

A good fitting bra will help with posture, making you look slimmer and discover your waist again defining your figure, flattering your outfit and giving you a well rounded shape. When wearing a bra the cup and band are supposed to be inline when you wear it. Push the extra bulge from the back towards the front to fill up the bra cup so that it gives a fuller bust

The right panties

The proper panty size is determined by two factors; waist and hip measurements.

There is variation when it comes to panties. There is briefs or bikini and also the fabrics vary – you  get cotton, silk , spandex or Lycra , satin, polyester. Each of these are comfortable for different activities. For example cotton is more hygienic because it’s breathable, the spandex and Lycra provides the most seamless look. My personal favourite is polyester, as it provides the most support, dries quickly and great for comfort.

When getting a panty make sure your buttocks are well cupped and that the crotch fits naturally against your body. Hide panty lines! An exposed panty line or bra strap can ruin even the most stylish look. Mesh hi- cut panties as they are entirely invisible under clothing, they are also cute and comfortable.


A shape wear is often associated with big boned woman, which is not true any woman with any shape or size can wear a shapewear. It is comfortable and invisible. Shapewear helps to compress the body in bulging areas. The materials that make up shapewear are a combination of elastic fibers that are sewn in a certain pattern. Due to this unique and important design, the shapewear disperses areas of fat in one area and spreads it out farther to make you appear slimmer.

The right kind of undergarment will allow you to wear anything by accentuating your figure to its best advantage. Earl Dibbles Jr says “girls are like country roads. The best ones got curves”. Go out there get a good undergarment that fits well and show off your curves.


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