The entertainment industry’s leading ladies got their eyes on brand ownership

by Mve 

Scoring endorsement deals is a big deal but owning a product/brand is a much bigger deal and when we look at brands launched this year by local celebrities it is clear that women understand this statement better.

In March, Bonang Matheba launched her own luxury beverage brand “House of BNG” which is without a doubt one of the best selling local bubbles right now.  She might not be the first celebrity to have her own beverage brand but she sure stands out.

On every show she hosts lately, House of BNG is the official drink, and considering that she hosts the biggest shows in the country, that screams more exposure for her champagne.  This is not just about her thirst being quenched by her own champompo.  It’s about building a legacy, as we all know that real legacy is built through brand ownership.

Minnie Dlamini, who has been a household name for quite some time also launched her own brand which is a skincare range “MD Body” and it has been doing great since its launch.  The Durban-born media personality said working on MD Body took her five long years and that means even though she has been the face of a number of beauty brands her eye has always been on brand ownership.

Women starting their own brands is not just a 2019 thing.  Women have been not just preaching but practising brand ownership for some time now.  One woman who stands out from those in the first South African queen behind the decks, Dj Zinhle.  A few years back she started her own accessory brand “EraByZinhle” and it seems to be growing bigger each year.

Considering the fact that using the words ‘ownership’ and ‘women’ in one sentence wasn’t a norm not so long ago, these women and many more (who have their eyes on brand ownership) deserve a nod.  Indeed, the future is female.

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