Let’s set boundaries, shall we?

by Chenai Mugunyani

My dad once caught me going through his diary (which had absolutely nothing for the record), and asked me three very simple questions,

  1. He asked me what my name was (weird right?)
  2. Then he asked me what his name was
  3. Finally, he asked me who the owner of the diary was, and trust me, he did not need to explain any further.

Where am I going with this? I think we sometimes tend to overlook and not pay attention to how we are constantly evading other people’s privacy.

You know, that colleague who goes digging into your bag looking for lip gloss, that sister who does not mind prying through your diary, that lady in the saloon who just dives in to feel the texture of your hair because it is gorgeous (yes, I am that finicky!), or your cousin who gave some random your guy without consulting you, look I totally understand that the above mentioned all highly dependent on the type of relationship you obviously have.

But can we just set boundaries? I think we really should, and hear me out, some people think it is perfectly normal, it depends on who you are doing it to.

I live alone, I am used to leaving the house and coming back with everything just where I left it (best feeling ever). I am used to that, and it has taught me to respect my own space and other people’s space, it has taught me to ask first and to treat other people’s belongings with the utmost respect. The same way I would expect them to do with me.

There is no need to feel entitled to a person’s belongings because you are close, and even if you are common courtesy will have you ask again, just to make sure they are really ok with you borrowing and all, sometimes people are shy to let you know that is not ok with you going through their stuff, remember that.

☹ Ask for permission first, if it is not yours, ask first, please.

☹ Do not give away a person’s number without consulting them.

☹ Doesn’t matter how tempting that unlocked phone looks, if you have no permission, do not touch.

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