How’s the weather down there?

by Leina Ussin

We know during the summer to layer our skin with sunscreen, just like we know during the winter to bundle up! We know to protect our eyes from the sun with shades, and to keep our lips moisturised with chapstick. We’ve learned all the tricks to preserve our skin, hair, and nails either through word of mouth or through our own personal experiences! We’re constantly keeping an open mind to new trends, the latest fashion tips, and what’s hot on the scene. We keep up with this so much, some of the information we obtain may not necessarily be needed!

Ladies, let’s be honest, feminine health has become a hot topic of conversation lately! Everywhere we turn there’s some new wash, or spray, or powder, or tampon being thrown our way, which may or may not have some of us questioning our feminine hygiene routine!

We’re told what we need to do over the summer to protect our vagina, and now we’re being exposed to an old wives tale known as “winter vagina.” Never heard of it? Let me elaborate:

It’s believed that during the winter months, a woman’s vagina is dry. There’s no moisture in the air during these cold months, which causes the woman’s vagina to need assistance with lubes and gels. There’s even a rumor that in colder countries, women avoid having sex because during the winter it’s too painful. Now, I am here to inform, never bash, so if you’ve heard this or once believed this, let me EMPHASISE to you, this is false! There is no such thing as “winter vagina.”

For starters, your vagina can handle ANY weather because it is an internal ecosystem within itself. It’s self-cleaning and has complete control over its own temperature! So, if you are experiencing dryness I’m afraid you can’t blame this on Mother Nature!

Let me emphasise another thing ladies unless you have your Ph.D. in some kind of medical field, NEVER SELF DIAGNOSE YOURSELF! If you’re experiencing any kind of vaginal issues, GO SEE A DOCTOR! Don’t call your best friend, unless she happens to be an OBGYN!

I say this because what works for some, doesn’t necessarily work for all! Doing the research and being open-minded is always a bonus, but that does not mean head out and by the entire Summer’s Eve line based on one commercial that said it was healthy for you!

Now, I am sure there’s someone out there challenging this saying, “Well, Leina, I always get discomfort during the winter months! So you’re clearly wrong!” And I’m no doctor to argue that! But I can say this; if you by chance find yourself with more vaginal discomfort during the winter months, I ask you to pay attention to the following:

  1. What you’re wearing. It’s no secret that tight clothes can cause vaginal discomfort because the material isn’t allowing your vagina to breathe.
  2. We don’t always need to know your secret. Yes, we all like the sexy lace underwear and thongs! It makes you feel seductive and feminine! I get it! But it has been proven cotton underwear is better for us ladies. So bite the bullet, and every once in a while let Haynes get their hands on you!
  3. WHAT ARE YOU EATING? Yes, you are what you eat! Monitoring the kinds of foods you’re putting in your body may actually improve your vaginal health!

Now ladies, let’s be clear, if it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it! Meaning if whatever your current routine is has you feeling nice and fresh, STICK WITH IT! Do not let the latest trends of steaming and douching draw you in and throw you off! Same for those who may use these treatments and have no issues! It’s perfectly fine to have a feminine regimen that works for you and no one else! It’s ok to be curious and open-minded about new things! And it’s ok to want to do your own research! Just remember, it’s your vagina! It’s yours to maintain, to keep up with, and most importantly, it’s yours to protect.

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