How to switch up your work look into a night look

by Boitumelo Makobosheane

You don’t have 2 hours to spare changing after work for a social?  A question a lot of people ask is:

Do I have to keep my whole wardrobe at the office?

No sweetie you don’t have to.

I wrote a post on timeless pieces weeks back, those come in handy at a time like this because they transition well from day at the office to a dinner with friends. What you actually need to put a little bit of effort into is identifying those pieces and figuring out what will work best for you, taking into account your style, office dress code and the place you are going out to.

I will mention a few items that you can play around with:

A blazer– this goes well with suits in the office and is also worn with cropped trousers or over a sheath dress.

Wear a versatile dress in a solid color, when leaving in the afternoon throw in a blazer, cardigan or even a scarf. To add more swap your flats or formal heal for a more fun pair of heels.

Jumpsuits have become a staple and favourite among women for leisure and business. They’re versatile clothes that can be easily dressed up for formal occasions and can be an alternative option to a dress. Like the dress, it is one-piece clothing that can be easily worn as the main outfit. Depending on what style you have, you can add a jacket or blazer. If it’s time for night-time play, you can easily switch by accessorizing and by wearing heels

Statement jewellery

A gorgeous piece of jewellery can and will definitely take your look to the next level. Change your average piece for one that is sure to add glamour to your look. Chandelier earrings or a bold necklace such as a choker or my favourite a bib necklace. The mistake many women do is to overdo it with wearing both the necklace and big earrings. Remember we are trying to create symmetry and look elegant. Decide where you want to draw the eyes too and keep it classy.

Switch up your makeup and hair

A high ponytail or back ponytail is not always the best advice for date nights or a night out with friends. Your hair and make-up form an integral part of your look. During the day at the office or at whatever you are getting up to you would keep your make up neutral and basic. Take your make up from day to night by changing your regular it neutral lip for a bold red hue or any lipstick color in the red family that suits your skin, or change your eye- makeup to a smokier look get winged, amped your lashes and define your eyes and make them look grammable, curl your lashes, also add another coat of mascara with a volumizing waterproof formula. For the complete look brighten it up, this extra sparkle will add just the right amount of detail you need and will make you look like you actually have invested a lot of time doing the face beat.  Contour adds definition get a quick contour this helps with the transition. When it comes to your hair if you didn’t get time to straighten it and let it loose over your shoulders, pull it back into a messy bun for a chic look tousle your tresses for a softer wavy style.

Hand bag

This matters a lot it can make or break an outfit. Get a good quality leather handbag especially if you have to carry a lot of essentials for your work, but this has to be hand bag that will compliment your outfit.

The important thing when switching your look is focusing on what works for you and as I mentioned before the type of social you are going to. Be you, be unique and be beautiful. There are no strict rules when it comes to day-to-night outfits; the most important thing to remember is to find your own style. A lot of inspiration can be found in fashion magazines and online. Try out different looks and styles, and see what works for you. Luckily there are Image consultants to also help you define your personal style and help create wardrobe essentials. You have 99 problems what to wear shouldn’t be one of them.


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