How to keep pushing when your mind and body is already on holiday mode

by Yandisa Sobahle

Don’t you just hate it when people are on holiday and you are not? And you just force yourself from one day to the next because you still have a couple of loose ends to tie before end of the season. Because in as much as your body is at work, your mind is on another level elsewhere already on holiday mode or thinking of what to do when on holiday. As humans we find it hard to condition our minds but there are techniques we can try and adopt if they work. Play it through your level of comfort ability and do what works for you. Don’t be fooled about holidays and holiday spending, wise up so that you don’t play yourself.


So I just wanted to share a few things you can try to keep your mind and body in the game.

  • What we need is to change our mindset so that our mind and body correlates to working mode
  • Limit overthinking about the holiday
  • Take a walk
  • Daily affirmations
  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindful meditations
  • Put things into perspective based on its importance
  • Morning exercises
  • Listening to soothing or calming music
  • Burn incense or something calming

All these techniques are not guaranteed but they can assist you to become calmer in order to tackle current issues.

The last push before the festive season is the hardest for those that celebrate the festivities. Especially when they want to be out there and mixing it up. But conditioning your mind will be the base of achieving your work target before going on holiday.


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