How socially awkward are you?

by Chenai Mugunyani


Are you reserved, socially awkward?
Do you enjoy time to yourself?
Do you think/ function best when you are alone?
Have you been told to live a little/come out of your shell?

Chances are you are an INTROVERT. You enjoy your own company; you are comfortable with silence. You can go to a party, but you won’t mingle, you most likely be sitting in a corner, away from everyone else. You are not abnormal, you are perfectly fine, just, a bit reserved.


Are you the life of the party and kind of enjoy being the centre of attention?
Do you love to talk?
Are you described as friendly and easy going?
Do you thrive/function better around people?
Do you feel bored alone but enjoy social stimulation?
You, my friend, could be an EXTROVERT. You too are normal, just the complete opposite to an INTROVERT. You genuinely enjoy being around people, you blend well and enjoy socializing. You are most likely open to change and adventurous.


Are you in between outgoing and socially awkward?
Do you balance well between being an INTRO and EXTRO?
You are in the middle of both personality traits and maybe you feel more inclined to one more than the other. You are still amazing and perfectly normal.
Whichever personality trait you have, that’s what makes you-YOU. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior.

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