Fitfluencers to keep you motivated this winter

by Thando Mgobhozi

1. Sarah’s Day
Sarah is a lifestyle blogger/YouTuber and mainly focuses on fitness and health. She reached one million subscribers not so long ago on her YouTube channel and has just given birth to her first baby boy Fox Ocean.

She also has a podcast with her boyfriend Kurt which is called the Health code. With such a busy lifestyle she still manages to balance everything that she does including being a mom to a 2-month-old baby and being a businesswoman managing her fitness clothing line. Her boyfriend Kurt who also has a channel on YouTube records most of the content on her YouTube channel (perks of having an internet boyfriend huh). There is so much you can learn from Sarah when it comes to fitness/dieting and clean eating. For more information check her out

YouTube: Sarahs Day
Instagram: @sarahs_day

2. Tammy Hembrow

Tammy is no stranger to the internet and is a fave to a lot of people including myself. She is a fitness fanatic, body goals and so much more. This mother of two very adorable children also has her own fitness clothing line called Saski collection, her own fitness app as well as a fitness website. On her app, she also has a variety of options on dieting and meal plans. You can also find her on YouTube to get to know her better and how she spends time with family as well as fitness routines.

Check her out:

YouTube; Tammy Hembrow

Instagram: @tammyhembrow

3. Juanita Khumalo

Keeping it strictly local now we have Juanita Khumalo who explained in a magazine feature that she became a fitness enthusiast after she had gained a lot of weight due to depression. She started her fitness journey as a way to overcome depression and has never looked back. The 28-year-old is the founder of Trovewellness and she had her first boot camp on the 1st of June 2019. For more information check her out on her Instagram page @juakhumalo

4. Nomvula Khuzwayo

An ambassador and athlete for TRIFOCUS FITNESS ACADEMY, a fitness education academy. Nomvula considers herself as an athlete and is invested in more than just being an athlete. Let her take you through the journey of skin care, healthy meal plans and lots and lots of workout plans. Her Instagram page is @nomvula_khuzwayo

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