by Chenai Mugunyani

Can I just get this out of the way, I think there is a difference between acquaintances and friends, I feel, mostly at work, people confuse one for the other.

Friendship is something priceless and invaluable if it is good and all great. One of the best things that can happen to a person is friendship, the idea of creating a bond with someone who is not your family and creating something fruitful and flourishing.

But also, friends can be your downfall and your absolute demise, have you ever, at some point in your life kept bad company, and maybe you didn’t notice in the beginning but when you got the wake-up call, you ran? Yeah, that stuff has no age? It happens all the way from childhood to adulthood.

Do you know there are shitty friends out there? Friends, who suck all your energy and are self-centred?

Below are a few ideas on healthy friendships:

? Your real friend makes time for you.

?Your real friend genuinely cares for you, and trust me, when you know, you know.

?Your real friend doesn’t think they are better than you, they rise with you, never condescend or bring you down.

?Your real friend LISTENS!

?Your real friend gives unsolicited advice, lol, honestly, they do know where to draw the line though.

?Your true friend does not judge you.

?Your real friend is honest.

?Your true friend will always want the best for you, wants you to grow and be a better person.

Now, this all sounds obvious, but I dare you to take a look around at your friends and you will pick up on a thing or two, irrespective of age, you will be shocked to see how you may have a toxic friend, be mindful of such.

Be constantly aware of who you let in and what they bring into your life, those are things I honestly check for first in my life, if I so much as feel as if you pose a threat in my life, I steer clear, we are who we are surrounded by and the circle we keep.

Side note, contrary to popular belief, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the show is actually interesting, apart from the jokes people claim are horrible or whatever they say, it actually has so many life lessons and is relatable, or maybe I am the only one, if you are in your early, mid to late 20’s, this is the show to watch!

My best definition of a good friend is someone who supports you, doesn’t judge you and you trust, is honest, perfectly imperfect, reliable and who you share common interests with. Someone you call family.

And most importantly we should learn to never take for granted the good friends we have but rather cherish them, sometimes blood is thicker than water, sometimes…

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