You’re doing good, keep going #MondayMotivation

by TheOddBranFlake

Hello, babe, I see you doing great things, I see you making moves and I’d just like to say the world feels every move you make,
the universe will bow to your wishes and the stars will spell out your name.
Keep your head high.
Inhale and exhale
just breathe!
Keep up the grind, smile more

Sometimes it gets hard and you might want to give up on yourself when it feels as if the walls are closing in on you. Keep your chin high don’t let that crown slip and if ever life pushes you to the point of kneeling make sure you sneak in prayer even if you mumble your cry will be heard.
Always remember the golden rule – the world might sleep on you but the real problem starts once you sleep on yourself.
I love you ❤

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