The Assistance Hub – An Executive’s Best Friend

By Chenai Mugunyani

Many of us, before coming across ASSISTANCE HUB, know nothing about Virtual Assistance. Yes, it’s a thing.

Karen Maokomatanda, the 27-year-old founder, who is all about radical change, transformation and growth took a leap and decided to quit her job to pursue her passion. I had a conversation with her as she walked me through her very inspiring journey.

The first quarter of 2019, I was okay working through my 9-5 and earning the salary I was earning. I had worked for this company for four years and climbed my way up from being a receptionist, to Sales Executive and then at the time of my departure I had been recently appointed to Sales Manager to which my pay increased by a couple of thousands.

That was my eureka moment. I was starting to fall in love with the person I could be, and that newfound love was on my mind more than what I was currently doing. It was then that I knew I had a problem.

I wanted more but I didn’t in my wildest dreams think that the “more” meant I had to leave my comfort zone and plunge into the unknown. Unlike how many entrepreneurs dress it, “a plunge into the unknown” is how it feels like. This is the best way to describe starting your own business or finally taking that step to being self-employed.

My journey was and still remains quite different. I was stepping out into a world I was unfamiliar with and had no idea how it would serve me. Like all of us, we have some form of imaginary future that we see and before we step out, we are very certain that it will play out exactly like that.

It doesn’t usually play out that way.

The asking price for your dreams is a high one and whenever you start on a journey to pursue a greater call you will have to pay to occupy that space.

“I left the last decade as an employee and entered the new decade as an entrepreneur. Finding my feet and my sole purpose is to fight for other small businesses that are failing every day.”

For more info on what AH can offer, Check out their website Follow on Twitter @assistancehubb.

Having a full load of running a company is tiring, having a virtual assistant lightens the load.

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