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by Thandeka Mthethwa

PT Signage was founded by Mr. Matome Diala and currently runs it with her sister Ms. Makompo Diala. It turned 5 on the 2nd of June. PT signage is a signage company in Pretoria offering a one-stop shop with regard to branding and signage for individuals and companies. The business is solely owned by 100% Black youth.

What kind of services does PT Signage offer?

PT Signage offers branding and signage services countrywide

What was the motivation behind the starting of PtSignage?

We come from a family where our parents always told us that we can’t live by our salaries only so that stuck with us. It started off as a franchise and we defranchised last year

What businesses have you partnered with and what feedback have you received?

We have partnered with Busamed for the full Branding of the Harrismith and Bloemfontein Hospitals, Centurion Chesanyama, Railway furnishers, Royal Funerals, Prasa Cres, Unisa

What are the fundamental components that make Pt Signage a successful brand?

Customer service. Having repeat clients is the best thing to happen to a business as it is easy to spread word of mouth for you

How does PtSignage increase its brand recognition?

Online presence. Everyone is on their screens all the time so we need to get them where they spend most of their time

How much are your services and how are they rated?

Our services are mostly custom made so the prices differ from one client to the other

What other services do you still want to offer your clients?

We would want to go green with our signage at some point seeing how global warming is affecting the environment

What sets your business apart from the other branding companies?

Efficiency. We have been commended a lot of times for our turn around times

How do people get in touch with you?


PT signage is a full-service sign center, providing for all of a customer’s potential signage needs. Mobile signs, retail displays, store fronts, trade show graphics, architectural or site signs, directional signs, light boxes, are just some of the products offered by PT signage to customers.

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