Redefining beauty campaign

Since 2015 on the 09th of August we have been hosting our Women’s Day event titled the Redefining Beauty Campaign, this is a movement that promotes self-love, confidence, body positivity and the celebration of women.

Every woman is unique in her make-up, structure and body type. Not even identical twins are the same, even though that’s how it may appear to the naked eye. The truth is we’re all different as women, so what makes us think it is reasonable to subscribe to a single view or universal idea of beauty?

Beauty is not only what is in the covers of fashion magazines and this we know due to the advent of fuller figured women gracing world stages in all social, creative, business and political spheres. With the insistent notion to box beauty into one particular thing, some women have been overlooked because they may have slightly bigger hips and thighs or they simply aren’t skinny enough. And in the superficial world, we live in many of these sisters are not given the time of the day.

On the one side, African beauty has for centuries been represented as the fuller figured woman and even that is not very representative of the society that we live in because true beauty does not exclude women with fewer curves and a lack of bountiful breasts. So much of the beliefs and thoughts we keep and the decisions we make as women are directly in relation to what the world thinks about women and it’s time to change that perception.

It’s time for every woman to take-off the labels and takes charge in expressing her own definition of what beauty is or means to her. It’s time for many of us to now have a voice. The Redefining Beauty Campaign brought to you by Celebration of Life and all things good portrays the beauty that is the female body in all shades, shapes, and sizes.

Through photography, this campaign seeks to give the woman who had defined her beauty by other people’s standards a chance to see how gorgeous she truly is and also gives her the opportunity to formulate her own definition of beauty. This campaign gives women a chance to evaluate their internal beliefs and some of the effects that external beauty standards have affected them. With the theme “Love Your Body” the campaign speaks to women from all walks of life, asking them to shed the misconceptions, labels, imposed
complexes and hateful messages.

Every Women’s month we urge women to say YES to themselves and their beautiful bodies. The message is simple, Beauty is YOU– tall, short, stretch marks, scars, fully figured, slender, curvaceous, and all the beautiful shades under the sun. Beauty is as endless as our potential as women.

This content was supplied by the founder and Brand Manager Kamo Magabane

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