Manual to a beautiful FRO!

by Chenai Mugunyani

There is a ‘let’s keep it natural’ wave going around and so many of us ‘ooh and aah’ when we see a woman who has managed what is deemed impossible, we drool and ask for tips, some which may not work for us, some which we never get to practise.

Good for you, you have decided to embark on the journey of steering clear from applying chemicals to your hair. It’s a huge step you have decided on taking and do not be discouraged by people telling you it is a lot of work, (people being me).

The trick is to keep your hair healthy and nourished. Maybe even having a regime that works for you that you follow religiously, I would love to believe that is what all the ladies with healthy, LONG, bouncy natural hairdo! It’s not rocket science, the correct first ingredient needed is TLC, then patience, which I lack in this specific department☹.

?Be careful with heat, my BFF taught me to tie my hair in Bantu knots after washing, let it dry out on its own instead of using a dryer. Wrap it with a scarf or doek. I normally do this before bed.

?Feed your hair, someone once said, your hair is what you eat! This threw me off balance, but it made sense, you can’t expect to have ‘healthy’ hair when your eating habits are quite the opposite.

?Trim your hair regularly, the idea is cutting off dead ends, I am yet to come to terms with this one, it petrifies me!

?Moisturize and oil your hair, again it is feeding it, get to know the type of hair you have and feed it according to what suits you. This notion of just copying someone’s regime without getting to know your hair will most likely leave you frustrated.

?Wrap your head with a silk scarf at night! TO AVOID BREAKAGE!

? Personal bonus tip, this is just what I do and what I have seen works for me somehow, plait your hair, I think in all honesty if I practice, more often, the above tips and more, I wouldn’t be crying over how much I want my hair to grow longer!

There is more you can do for your hair, it doesn’t end with the five tips above, you can do a little bit of your own research to find out how exactly you should love your hair, and throw in a little patience while you are at it, there is nothing as rewarding as seeing the results in the mirror and not having to cry constantly of unhealthy hair, that doesn’t grow!

I wish you all the best on your hair journey! Embrace the process!

Happy hair



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