Keeping your skin glowing and radiant

by Xoliswa Madiba

People have been widely stating that how one looks on the outside is somehow important because when one looks good, they feel good, they radiate. This is what happens when one has beautiful looking skin. Everyone is exposed to a lot of skin masks that some people swear by because they all are selling one thing, they enhance your appearance, and give you an unmatched glow. Nolwandle Shezi is a beautician based in Pietermaritzburg. She is a skincare expert and will today recommend some of her favourite skin masks this winter season.

One shouldn’t only look beautiful on the inside, but also on the outside. i have noticed that when some of my custumers come over for a consultation they come when the are on the verge of giving up. They come at that time when they are super desperate for change for their skin.

Nolwandle says that skins differ from person to person, some are too dry, some are oily while others are a combination of both. It is therefore important that one can tell and distinguish between face masks that will not only work for their skin but also leave the skin feeling soft.

I’ve been in this field for over 10 years and have seen how many people tend to have a challenge on how to keep their skin glowing, healthy and radiant. One can always make their own skin care mask to save on costs and to experiment on what truly works for them without using harmful chemicals on the skin .

She goes on to mention that the turmeric face mask is one of her favorite face masks. “You just use turmeric powder mixed with water, it can be applied for about 30minutes at night( twice a week) to absorb the oil produced throughout the day and to combat any dryness, and all you need to do”.

Some skin types don’t allow the use of certain types of creams, so be very careful on what you put on your face as your skin is very delicate and how you treat it is very important.

Nolwandle furthermore says that the honey and lemon juice face mask could be used to keep the skin radiantly beautiful. To make this mask, mix 2tbs of honey with 1tbs of lemon juice, then stir until a sticky paste is formed, put on the mask for 25-30minutes (twice a week). She, however, advises that the mentioned face masks may not necessarily work for everyone, “but the use of natural products has been proven to be effective on all skin types as it is gentle on the skin.”

Lastly, remember not to sleep with makeup on as it may damage your skin, start by wiping it off, cleanse with mild soap, gently exfoliate then moisturize. And steaming the face at least once every week will help to get rid of open pores and will help in maintaining beautiful and radiant skin.

“If you need my services you should come through to my Beauty Parlor in Church Street and also look into my Facebook page which is Olwandle Beauty Parlor. Take care of you, your face is very important and taking care of it is just as important.”

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