It is not just fashion, it is art

by Jennifer Khumalo

How we see fashion is totally up to our own personal choice. But clothing and trends are more just fashion, anyone with a good dressing sense can take fashion to any level, it can be a feeling, an expression but most all it can be art.

Walking the streets of Braam during any given day of the week and observing the environment, its people and how they carry themselves, observing their style of wear… you can actually realize the art in fashion. From bomber jackets to boyfriend jeans, various shaped earrings, colored lipsticks, short leather flared skirts and happy socks These various clothing items make a statement. That is the Braam culture, the home of “streetwear” they say.

We wear what we wear based on how it makes us feel, fashion is about comfort and standing out in a crowd. We show our artistic expressions through our clothing, by wearing any clothing item that allows us to show our emotions. Our personalities differ and so is our fashion preferences, we either choose to look unique or we go for a simple look, which both depends on how we feel on the day.

Fashion is beautiful; it allows all of us to walk around in our own artwork. People combine various clothing pieces that define them.

Fashion is definitely not all about the latest trends but about one’s personal style.

But is it possible that designers are showing their artistic sides through us? They are the ones who design clothes and translate their passion in fashion in clothing, they allow us to take their work and express ourselves through it . We live through fashion, fashion is in all of us we just embrace it differently.

Make Fashion Your Priority…

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