Her hair can take her anywhere

by Nande Myamya

Ironically, Samson had thought that he had lost his strength when he had lost his hair, but women are known to transform into becoming one of the strongest and most powerful versions of themselves, after cutting it off and pursuing a completely different look altogether.

It is like a release of the grease. It is one of the most subtle gestures that speak the loudest volumes. Many men have questioned what it is about a woman that makes her cut her hair and the answer to this question may differ vastly but there is a common factor to be identified. This change gives many women more range. This is their way of letting go of their strongholds and reconnecting to their natural, raw and pure beauty.

Our knots and split ends can be seen as a symbol that signifies the pain and baggage that we cling onto throughout our lives. Sometimes we doubt our ability to sprout again, so we escape the inevitable concept of change. We spend our money purchasing hair foods and conditioners, to try and feed the things that only starve our growth in fear of the unknown. We worry about what the shape of our heads will be and if we will still be considered as pretty.

Our insecurities come out to play and therefore we must learn how to beat them at their own game. Your strength does not lie in your hair’s length. It is embedded within the core of your being and it does not always have to be seen. Not all of our superpowers need to be placed on display because beauty is not always physical anyway.

Some of our biggest power moves will be made in silence. This doesn’t only pertain to the removal of your hair. It could finally be letting go of past emotional, physical and mental trauma and moving on so that your life can start moving forward; it could be having an epiphany and deciding to stop seeking acceptance from the individuals that reject you. Whatever it is, cut it all off so that the universe can start putting you on. The slightest change in your mindset, behaviour and even choices, can be more than enough to turn you into someone that you are in awe of every single day.

Be bald enough to start being bold. You have your own life for a reason, so stop wishing that you had someone else’s hairdo. If your scalp is dry and itchy, perhaps it is time to start becoming picky and just choose yourself. Over and over again, until it doesn’t even feel like a choice anymore. Your hair can take you anywhere – follow it.

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