Bad skin creeping in this winter?

by Khanyisile Gina

New seasons come with all sorts of changes, from the weather to allergies, the flu and of course skin problems, which can become pretty frustrating. The month of June has come in full swing with chilly winter breezes, leaving the skin feeling uncomfortable, fragile and sensitive.

What most of us struggle with, is knowing what to do when we’re experiencing this discomfort in our skin.

Be it acne breakouts, dryness, winter rash, flacky skin, irritation, and redness. We’re more than delighted to help!

My answer to having great skin, the season in and out, is knowing what works for your specific skin type.

Usually, the skin is classified as

  • Normal skin: well-balanced and healthy looking skin.
  • Dry skin: usually lacks moisture, skin appears very dry
  • Oily skin: skin produces more moisture than normal, appears oily
  • Combination skin: a combination of both oily and dry skin, can appear both dry and oily.

Here are some tips for your skin regimen this Winter:

First things first!

  • Know what your skin wants
  • Because of the cool and dry weather that comes in winter, your skin may feel tight and very uncomfortable. For Dry skin, consider using coconut oil before heading to bed, leaving your skin to soak in all the moisture during the night. This method works for all skin types however if your skin is too oily you may want to try this only once or twice a week.
  • Tone it down on the exfoliation

The more discomfort you feel in your skin, the more you want to scrub, wash or even mask it and sometimes exfoliating makes it worse. I strongly believe in the power of organic food! So this winter, instead of wasting money on switching from one face mask to the next, try using something that will rid your skin of dirt, while not stripping away layers of skin. Make your own honey, oatmeal, and brown sugar face mask. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, try this twice a week and you are guaranteed, finer and healthy looking skin.

  • Never stop drinking water!

I think we are all guilty of having a cup of tea, coffee or even soup instead of water during winter.If it means setting a reminder for you to drink water now and then, just to keep healthy then do it! Many underestimate how water can revitalize your skin, not only is the intake of water good for the skin but just your health in general.


  • Tone it down on the makeup!

It’s so much better to wear makeup in winter anyway because you sweat less but ladies give your skin a break once in a while! Know when your skin has had enough, also I am highly against applying to make up while the skin is going through break out, rash, redness or any other form of irritation. Let your skin breathe! Instead of finding out which make up brand works better for you,give your self sometime to feel what the skin is asking of you, meaning know how to feel when your skin cannot bear another day of makeup, know when your skin needs you to apply more facial cream than usual, know when it just needs a scrub or a wash for the day. Sometimes the answers aren’t really with the dermatologists we turn to, but the answers are really in knowing what the skin needs from us.

There are other several ways to keep skin looking fresh and rejuvenated this winter but really skin regimen varies from one person to the next. Yours is to know yourself!

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