6 essential makeup products to always have

We all know there are certain items one should have all the time like in your closet it is standard to have a little black dress, a white shirt or a trench coat and in your shoe collection one should always have a pump, a ballerina flat, a Chelsea boot and thigh high boots. Just as much these items are an essential must have in your life there are essential beauty products one should have all the time as well and we never really speak about what we should have in our makeup bags at all time.

There are so many makeup products dropping every day from so many different brands we cannot even keep up anymore, the beauty industry is growing every single day and with its growth comes more knowledge about the products we use, how to use them and the importance of these products. With all the growing and booming of the beauty industry there are essential products that are the foundation of the beauty industry and one should have these products always and I have chosen the main six that are the foundation of the beauty industry:

  • Red lipstick
  • Concealer
  • Clear lip-gloss
  • Mascara
  • Foundation
  • Primer

These six products are my pick of what one should always have with them in their makeup bags, these products are so important because they can be used every day, for a simple natural look or when you are on the go. There are many more products that can be used for an everyday look, but these are the basic ones. You could choose to use either luxury brands or drug store brands but whichever one works for you, always remember that all these items are essential to have in your makeup bag, they also have different benefit to help create a glowing look. So, whenever you go makeup shopping, or you are a first-time makeup user start with the basic six and move up from there.

By Simphiwe Luvuno

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